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Use on your stable yard, or when travelling, to safely tie your horse to lorry or trailer.

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A fully adjustable, easy to use safe and weather resistant product to replace the traditional piece of string when tying up horses.

Features a break point should the horse pull back or panic.

Equitie FAQ.

Q – Why do I need an Equitie?

A – For safety reasons, it is advisable to always tether horses with a deliberate breaking point between the horse and it’s securing ring. A loop of bailer twine is most commonly used, but can be extremely unreliable!

Q – How does Equitie work?

A – Equitie is made from a weather resistant rubber cord with a plastic closure. If your horse startles and pulls back the Equite rubber cord will stretch and softly snap at the point where the cord fixes into the plastic closure, freeing your leadrope.

Q – Can Equitie be used inside a horsebox or trailer?

A – Yes, an Equitie can be used in either a horsebox or trailer.

Q – How long will an Equitie last?

A – Start by using the Equitie as long as possible, if the Equitie breaks, you may have enough of the cord left to shorten and re-use.

Q – Is there anywhere I can’t use an Equitie?

A – An Equitie can be used just about anywhere, but be wary of tying to anything unsubstantial (like wooden rails). Do not tie your horse so long that he may reach for grass as this may cause the Equitie to stretch and break.

Q – My horse pulled back and the Equitie has snapped, is this supposed to happen?

A – Yes, if your horse pulls back with any sort of force, the equitie will break. It is designed to break before any other equipment (ie headcollar, leadrope).

Q – Can I buy replacement cords for an Equitie?

A – No sorry, but we do offer Equitie multipacks ( containing 5 Equities).

Q – I have a very fidgety pony and am finding that the Equite is breaking too easily. I don’t want to go back to using bailer twine, what do you suggest?

A – Equitie was designed as a safety measure for good horse in the event of the occasional startle. Equitie would break and then be replaced. If this is happening often, Equitie may not be suitable for your horse, and you may find the V-Tie more appropriate. The V-Tie has a higher stregnth and is re-usable.


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