Cameo Equine Nylon Web Grass Reins.

Cameo Equine Nylon Web Grass Reins.

Grass Reins

Product Description

To hep prevent the horse or pony from boring head downwards (to eat grass) and evade the riders hands.

Exerts slightly stronger pressure /action than a Daisy rein.


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Black, Brown


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An effective bridle accessory to help prevent horses or ponies from putting their heads down, either to eat or as an evasion from the riders hands.

Grass reins have slightly more direct (stronger) pressure effect,  so are more effective than the similar “daisy rein” making them more suitable to ponies that have a long established habit of taking the reins away from their young riders or for a pony or horse that uses the “head down” evasion to unseat the rider.

The two split reins clip directly to the bit at the side of the bridle cheek and are carried by a bridging strap that crosses over the poll behind the crown of the bridle. The two straps continue down each side of the neck and attach , independently, to the ‘D’ rings at the front of the saddle.

Pressure will be exerted upon the poll and the mouth between the bit and bridging strap when the horse tries to  take the head into a downwards position. The length of the straps can be adjusted to allow for acceptable head and neck movement.

As with the Daisy Rein, it is recommended, that on small “round” ponies, a crupper is used to prevent the saddle from slipping forward when the Grass Rein comes into effect.

Available in Black or Brown. ONE SIZE.

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