Cameo Equine Nylon Web Daisy Reins

Cameo Equine Nylon Web Daisy Reins

Daisy Reins
Daisy rein 2

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Traditionally used as an aid to help prevent the horse / pony from putting head down and unseating the rider via leverage on the reins.


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A nylon webbing saddle / bridle attachment to help prevent the horse or pony from lowering the head beyond the angle of control and levering the rider forward over the front and out of the saddle.

Traditionally used mainly on small ponies with very small riders who do not have the balance or strength to prevent the pony from putting head down to graze (hence “daisy”). On small ponies, due to their propensity to having a “round” shape, it is also advisable to use a crupper attached to the back of the saddle to prevent the saddle being pulled forward over the withers and shoulders due to the force exerted on the daisy rein attached to the saddle.

Can be used on larger ponies and horses to help prevent or break the habit of a horse who, through over exuberance or naughtiness, may develop the habit of lowering the head to buck.

Twin straps attach to the front ‘D’ rings of the saddle, with the long strap attached to the crown of the bridle at the poll.

Available in Black or Brown.   ONE SIZE

Daisy Rein


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