Cameo Equine Nylon Webbing Side Reins.

Cameo Equine Nylon Webbing Side Reins.

Cameo side reins

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Strong and serviceable nylon side reins with elasticated insert to allow give on the horses head / mouth.


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Weight 0.501 kg

Black, Brown


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Side reins provide a connection between the saddle or training roller and the horses head (if used on a lunge cavasson) or mouth ( if used on the bit).

They are used to give the horse a “frame” in which to work forward into when being worked on the lunge or from the ground. They help to provide stability  – allowing training to  improve the horses balance and  core muscle strength.

They should be adjusted according to the horses level of training and always allow for movement of the head and neck.

They should never be used to secure the head and neck in an artificial or “fixed” position, and should only be fitted by an experienced person.



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