Cameo 5 Point Leather Breastplate.

Cameo 5 Point Leather Breastplate.


Product Description

Leather breastplate with elastic inserts and soft pressure point padding


Additional Information
Weight 1.300 kg

Cob, Full, Pony


Black, Brown


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    5 Point Breastplates are generally used to maintain maximum saddle stability, generally where the horse is required to work at speed & over fences, being primarily used to prevent the saddle from slipping back.

With attachments to the D-Rings, girth straps and the girth itself (between the horse’s legs) this breastplate is specifically designed to keep the saddle in the right place no matter what discipline you are taking part in.

Strong elastic straps join from the shoulder points, connecting with the wither “carrying strap” – to facilitate the horses shoulder movement and reduce the pressure across the withers.

A removable running martingale attachment allows the rider to employ this specific aid to keep the head carriage at a controllable height.

Straps anchor the breastplate to the top ‘D’ rings and girth straps on the saddle, whilst the breastplate length may be adjusted along the strap passing between the horses front legs & attaching to the girth.




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